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Composer laravel

As far as i know laravel use Composer to find file automatically or to autoload every file that we need. If you have accessed composer in your php , everything is fine. but if you don`t have , for example , your laravel is in web hosting , you can`t do “composer dump-autoload” . But […]

Combine laravel and Bluimp

To combine laravel and BlueImp is not easy for me , i have to spend 6 hour in order to make them as i want. So basically , it is just about ajax . and there is one function that helps me so much , that function is Log::info which will show what happend behind […]

Passing anonymous function

got a problem in passing variable to query builder closure, here is my code: function get_usersbyname($name){ dd($name); $resultset = DB::table(‘users’)->where(function($query){ $query->where(‘username’, ‘LIKE’, $name); }); …. } if I run it, it returns an error “undefined name variable”, but I already passed $name variable and checked its existence. Also I cann’t find any resouce explains how […]

Install laravel

To install laravel on windows 7 with Xammp as a server is not difficult. Below is what i did to install laravel install composer You can get it on . it will ask you where is php.exe . You should know where it is. mine is in C:\xampp\php. Install laravel via composer I wili […]